These are unbelievably delicious! Susie makes her pralines Texas-style, the buttery rich caramel kind! Kickers® are made in small batches in copper kettles, hand-stirred with tender loving care throughout the cooking process.

As soon as they've reached the proper temperature, our kitchen staff gathers around to scoop up generous spoonfuls onto a cooling table, making sure each praline has the just-right ratio of pecans to sweet chewy goodness. When you eat one, you'll know why Kickers® pralines are a favorite with local customers. Because these individually-wrapped treats are made the old fashioned way, with no preservatives, it's best to eat them sooner rather than later, to ensure quality and texture of the candies. you can freeze them until needed, so don't worry about ordering well in advance. Just be sure to serve them at room temperature.  

Tasty Ideas

Pecan Toffee - 1lb gold box
Susie's world famous Texas Frozen Pecan Toffee in a gold gift box (1 lb).
Texas Trash, Sequin Boot
Our special sequined boot filled with 5oz. of our Texas Trash. Just what you need when a little bling will do the trick!

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