Pecan Toffee
Why Frozen Toffee? Susie's toffee is a dairy confection. We have found – and our customers agree – that enjoying it frozen is the greatest! Susie's toffee is made with no preservatives and MUST be stored in the freezer (or refridgerator). Store in the freezer even before opening – no need to repackage. Stays fresh in the freezer up to one year (refrigerated, up to three months). The toffee may be out of the cold for 7-10 days for shipping or transporting). 

The Original... Susie's TEXAS PECAN TOFFEE
Hand-made toffee full of fresh pecans and rich creamy butter. Each fabulous bite is coated with rich, pure Belgian choclate. Stays fresh in the freezer up to one year -- and we think it tastes best frozen, straight from the freezer. A holiday tradition for thousands of families nationwide.


Tasty Ideas

Pecan Toffee - 1lb gold box
Susie's world famous Texas Frozen Pecan Toffee in a gold gift box (1 lb).
Texas Trash, Sequin Boot
Our special sequined boot filled with 5oz. of our Texas Trash. Just what you need when a little bling will do the trick!

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